"respect nature"


Nature at the heart of everything

We are a family business and have the great privilege to work with nature. It is our ambition to return to the essential things in life with our wines and our winery – to nature. It is the best teacher when it’s about trust, patience and humbleness. This absolute dependence makes us realize every year that we have no control and must let go – which is good. Therefore we are able to bottle unique wines which are free from stagnation and allow us to think ahead.

Love of wine in the fifth generation

Fortunately, I am allowed to lead our family winery into the fifth generation which makes me very proud and incredibly grateful. The mutual respect between my parents and me plus the open communication form our basis. Letting go of a winery that has been built up and accompanied over many years is extremely difficult and I will always appreciate that my parents have given me a free hand. Without my family’s trust in me, I could not pursue the style that suits me. This is the only way to ensure that the wines are and will be a part of me. Thank you very much.
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